About Us

Western Washington Church Planting (NWBC Region 2) is the product of years of work by a dedicated team of churches that began as a cooperative initiative of the Olympic Baptist Association, Southwest Washington Baptist Association, Northwest Baptist Convention, and North American Mission Board. Now after over 60 years of ministry in western Washington we have been impacted dramatically over the past five years by cooperative prayer, partnership and participation with teams from across North America. We look across the landscape of our field and see over 45 churches composed of people from around North America and the world. We now stand poised in western Washington with a passion to see our cities, towns, and communities transformed by an almighty God and with a plan that has been formed by those same three elements: prayer, partnership and participation. As we look to that future our family of churches holds these things in common.

About Us

Our Vision

The churches in western Washington will be an expanding, vibrant network of cooperating congregations that will draw people toward Jesus Christ through life-changing ministries.

Our Mission

To encourage and empower the churches of western Washington toward a spiritual vitality that results in a growing Gospel witness and in the continuous planting of healthy, reproducing new churches.

Our Core Values

Leadership and Service

Creativity and Excellence

Inclusion and Cooperation

Urgency and Faith

The hope – the dream

The hope… the dream… is that a true God-led movement is developing to a point that the region is transformed to a place where it is evident that God reigns. The Western Washington Church Planting Group dreams of seeing 45 healthy churches birthed by the end of 2020.

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